English to Danish

The bulk of my work is English source material translated into Danish. Being a native Dane, this is where I'm most comfortable and most productive.

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Danish to English

This is where my experience in English-speaking countries stands me in good stead. I'm very aware of the pitfalls of awkward language and bad grammar.

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Swedish/Norwegian to Danish

The Scandinavian languages being as closely related as they are, I will ensure quality Danish, always watching out for "false friends".

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Need a translation checked?

Proofreading, quality assurance, review. There are many words for ensuring the quality of a text written by someone else. Or even created by a machine.

Increasingly, language professionals are working to improve the quality of machine translations. While this may sound like bad news for translators, I personally believe the opposite to be true. I deal with machine translations on a regular basis and find myself in agreement with the knowledgeable, tweed-clad gentleman to the right.